We make no guarantee that every dog that receives training here will become a superstar Field Trial champion. We will, however, work patiently with your dog, without using some of the more "traditional trainers" harsh training methods. Cerda-Fied Gundogs believes in using repetition and association; combined with extra time and extreme patience. This method has worked well over the years with many hundreds of dogs that would normally have been "washed out" by other trainers. Using this method of patience and positive reinforcement will produce the most that your dog has to offer without fear of a meltdown from breaking a dog's spirit. Our goal is to train a good friend and hunting companion for you.


 Personal gundogs and bird dogs, as well as obedience training family dogs in the Mid-West/ Kansas City Metro-area for over 38 years. We are pleased with our exceptionally high success rate. Over the years it has become obvious that unless a trainer has the experience to "read" a dog, whether it be by body language or other means, it can be difficult to determine what type of training each individual dog will respond best to. We have mastered the art of communication between dog and handler. While your dog is in training here we will instruct you on how to interpret body language from your dog, which will help you to communicate better with your dog. Most people know that every dog is different, therefore the ability to read and understand a working field dog is extremely important. ﷯











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